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Atomy Opportunity

Atomy Opportunity

Atomy Marketing Plan by Sharon Rose Master Joo Young Park.

  • I’m excited about what Atomy is wanting to do in bringing quality products at low prices with a way to build an income for the future. Atomy is currently in 11 countries with sales reaching $910 million USD in 2016 with hundreds of millions in commissions, bonuses and rewards being paid out to the members.
    Atomy’s vision is that the things people buy for their daily needs will be available through Atomy. The products are of the highest quality at the lowest possible price. Then in the process of sharing Atomy with those around the world a person can earn commissions and bonuses that can help them provide for their needs and possibly those of their family for generations to come.

    There is no cost or investment needed in Atomy. There are no joining fees, no starter kit required, no auto ship or monthly purchase requirements and no website fees. You don’t even have to sell products. Simply join for free, buy products on the Atomy website and share with others.

    Imagine when Costco opened, that you were given the opportunity to make commissions from the purchases of people that you referred to Costco. Not only that but when they referred others to Costco, you could make commissions from their purchases too.

    Except it gets better because Atomy is FREE to join! With No Monthly Fees, No Auto Ship and No Obligations.

    Atomy is becoming a household name worldwide
    Atomy is in USA, Australia, Cambodia, Canada, Japan, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, Mexico, Philippines, Russia, Singapore, Taiwan & Thailand with new markets opening up yearly. Once you’re a member of Atomy you can refer anyone in any of the opened countries under your Atomy member number.

    Atomy has the backing of Kolmar (the leading manufacturer of cosmetics, skin care, home care and many other products since 1921) and KAERI (Korea Atomy Energy Research Institute – They are a government institution that developed HemoHim after 8 years of research in a quest to help boost the immune system for their employees working with radiation)

    Why Atomy and what makes them so special
    Atomy’s formula for customer success:
  • #1 Quality Products – Atomy products are of very high quality and they work! People are being helped with better skin and better health. Atomy doesn’t just have customers they have raving fans of their products. It sure is true in our home, Atomy products are everywhere.
  • #2 Low Prices – Atomy has great prices. You feel good sharing Atomy with others because the prices are so good and you don’t feel like you’re taking advantage of people. For example our nano-gold antibacterial toothbrush is only $1.12 USD each. Our 50g tube of green tea, bee propolis toothpaste is only $1.32 USD each, our eco-friendly powder laundry detergent that does 133-200 loads is only $12.50 USD. The skin care products also can’t be beat in both quality and price.
  • #3 No Joining Fees – Atomy is free to join and there is no monthly purchase obligations.
  • #4 No Auto-Ship – Atomy believes in allowing people to buy what and when they want.
  • #5 Money Making Opportunity / Residual Income – Atomy has a very easy One Membership For The Entire Worldcompensation plan as detailed below. To qualify to start earning commissions you only need to accumulate at least 10k PV which is about $30 in products! Then to keep your membership active you just need to buy a product within 12 months. Even if that product is just 4 tubes of toothpaste for $5.30.
  • #6 Unlimited International Group – With Atomy the number of people in your group is unlimited. A purchase made from any person from any country in your group accumulates the same points. You also have one membership id for the entire world and being able to diversify your income to include other countries as they open to Atomy.
  • #7 You’re not alone – With Atomy you are not alone in building your group. People from a group you are in either above or below you can add people to your group. By joining our group we can give you the training, tools and resources to help you succeed.
How can you make money with Atomy?
With Atomy there is no selling involved. You can earn commissions, bonuses and are promoted as others you talk to join Atomy and buy and promote Atomy to others.

Here are the ways you make money:
  • General Daily Commissions
  • Mastership and Masters’ Bonus
  • Mastership Promotions and Incentives (Products, Laptop, Travel, Cash, Cars, Office, Driver, Expense Account)
  • Open Education Center (6% of centers total PV)

You decide how fast you want to make money with Atomy
With Atomy you decide when and how fast you want to start earning money. The first step of course is getting your free Atomy membership id. To do that contact the person that introduced you to Atomy or simply join our group.

Your style, desire, time and resources will be the biggest determining factor in how you start and grow your group.

Atomy is simple because you simply join Atomy and buy products for yourself and your family. Since you need to buy these types of daily consumable products anyway like toothpaste, shampoo, body wash, skin care and so on there really is no extra cost here. In fact you probably save money. By doing this you will accumulate PV (Point Value). As you go about your life you end up talking about the products.

Understanding the Atomy compensation plan (Daily Commissions)
Atomy has a very simple compensation plan. (See http://www.atomy.com/us/ for details on Atomy’s website).

Atomy works on a Binary system with just 2 groups as shown below. You have a left and right group. These two groups can have an unlimited number of people in them. For your commissions a purchase made from any person in your two groups is treated the same.

Understanding the Atomy compensation plan (Daily Commissions)

Each product sold has a point value also known as PV. As shown below you can see that the toothpaste has a PV of 10k while HemoHim+ has a PV of 100k. Some products have the same PV when sold in multiple sets so you have to decide if you rather save on the product cost or make more PV.

One of the most asked question is why is the PV so high? The answer is because Atomy started in Korea and their currency is currently about 1,000 WON to $1 USD so it isn’t high, it just looks high to us in the USA. This is why I like to say and use 10k PV instead of 10,000 PV.

Understanding the Atomy compensation plan (Daily Commissions)
Each product sold has a point value also known as PV.

When you first Join Atomy you start out as a Member then with your first purchase of 10k PV to 299k PV you become a Sales Rep and are already eligible for commissions for the entire year. Your personal PV accumulates for as long as you are a member and you are not required to purchase product each month to receive commissions. To keep your membership active after a year all you need to do is buy just one product that has PV under your own membership id no matter how much it is like the 4 tubes of toothpaste for only $5.30 USD and you are good for another full year.

Understanding the Atomy compensation plan (Daily Commissions)

As shown below, let’s say you have accumulated 100k personal PV and your left and right group each have accumulated 300k PV and over, then since you are between 10k PV and 100k PV you get a score of 5 which equals to about $24 USD. (Each score is about $4.80 USD). Your personal PV always accumulates but once you get paid the left and right PV reset to zero for the next day in Korean time. Now if you personally had 300k PV then you would have been paid about $70.

Understanding the Atomy compensation plan (Daily Commissions)

Now on the other end of the scale once your personal PV and your left and right groups grow so does your daily commissions. For example let’s say you have accumulated 2.4m personal PV and each day you get over 50m PV in your left and right group you will earn a score of 300 which is about $1,380 USD for that day alone. (Yes, people are actually at this level in Korea already. Korea has a population of 50 million people and as of 2014 2 million of them are Atomy members. In 2014 Atomy did $500 million in sales in Korea alone and there are only 200,000 members outside of Korea.

Understanding the Atomy compensation plan (Daily Commissions)

Below is a chart that gives the complete commission structure. You can start earning commissions with as little as 10k personal PV. But really why make only $24 USD when you can make about $70 USD with a small purchase of everyday products you will use. So the main first goal is to first reach 300k personal PV which isn’t difficult.

Two ways to advance in rank

When you make a purchase on Atomy’s website you can pick within a few days +- what day the points are posted and you can do this to your advantage.

An important thing to know is that points only start to accumulate under your left of right groups once you become a Sales Rep which is when you have accumulated 10k personal PV or more. So when you sign up be sure you purchase at least 10k of products. Which is really only a Shampoo or Foam Cleaner for example. Not that hard at all. But of course you’re going to buy and use other products because they are so good and at a great price.

Two ways to advance in rank
There are 2 ways to advance in rank. One way is to accumulate Personal PV by personal purchases. Another way you can move up from the previous rank depending on your volume from the previous month on your smaller leg.

Understanding the Atomy compensation plan (Daily Commissions)

For example to be an Agent you either accumulate 300,000 Personal PV on your member id or if your smaller leg had 600,000 PV or more for the previous month.

This is really nice because say you are just buying products for your personal use and sharing Atomy with others. You could be at say 200,000 personal PV but you have been sharing Atomy and your smaller leg brought in over 600,000 PV the previous month then you would be an Agent making about $70 each time you had 300,000 PV on each leg without having to personally buy up to 300,000 PV.

I can see where this is going to help people when they they are going to be Diamond Master for example. If you have 700,000 Personal PV and to be a Diamond Master you would need another 800,000 PV to be a Dealer. But you can be a Dealer if your weaker leg had 3m PV the previous month. So this would save you from having to spend over a thousand dollars in buying products just to make it to Dealer status.

Mastership Promotions and Incentives
Not only do you get the Daily Commissions as stated above, there are 7 Masterships you can achieve with Atomy. Once you reach a certain Mastership you get a one time bonus of the following:

  • Sales Master – Atomy Morning 6 1 set, HemoHIM+ 1 set, Atomy evening 1 set
  • Diamond Master – Laptop Computer, Atomy Morning 6 1 set, HemoHIM+ 1 set, Atomy evening 1 set
  • Sharon Rose Master – 2 Million KW Cash (Approx. $1,800 USD), 2 Travel Tickets
  • Star Master – 10 Million KW Cash (approx $8,900 USD), 4 Travel Tickets
  • Royal Master – 50 Million KW Cash (approx $44,500 USD) , 2 Million KW credit per month (approx $1,800 USD), Car rental, 4 Travel Tickets to Europe (4 nights and 5 days)
  • Crown Master – 300 Million KW Cash (approx $267,000 USD), 5 Million KW credit per month (approx $4,400 USD), HyunDai Equus 380 or equivalent, 4 Travel Tickets to Europe (7 nights and 8 days)
  • Imperial Master – 1,000 Million KW Cash (approx $900,000 Million USD), 10 Million KW Cash per month (approx $8,900 USD), Hyundai Equus Limo or equivalent, an office of 165 square meters with a personal secretary, a chauffeur, 4 Travel Tickets to Europe (7 nights and 8 days)

Mastership Bonus twice a month
Twice a month you will receive a cash bonus based on your qualified Mastership level. The way it works is that Atomy calculates the total company PV for that half of the month and multiplies it by the Mastership level percentage (Sales Master is 10% for example) and divides it by the number in that level of Mastership. So for example say you are a Sales Master and the total company PV for 15 days is 5 billion. They take 10% of 5 billion which is 500 million and divide it by the number of Sales Masters which is say 1,000 and that equals 500,000 Korean Won which is about $445 USD per Sales Master twice a month.

Since there are fewer people as the Mastership level increases, the percentage decreases, so most of the PV goes to the Sales Masters. The percentages are Sales Master 10%, Diamond Master 5%, Sharon Rose Master 2%, Star Master 1.2%, Royal Master 1%, Crown Master .3%, Imperial Master .2%.

If you don’t meet the qualifications the following 2 week period you keep the title but you don’t get that level’s bonus but you do get the bonus you do qualify for if any.

Your personal PV never goes away and always accumulates. There is no need for you to keep purchasing products just to receive your commissions like in other companies.

Joining Atomy
To join Atomy please get back to the person that talked to you or simply click here and we will provide you with a sponsor and instructions to sign up in our group.